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There's been some discussion on FairTradeTobacco about different cigar glues. Tragacanth, arabic, cellulose, pectin, xanthan, guar, bermacoll ... some even use tapioca. I never realized before this discussion that the makers of pectin often add citric acid. Which leaves a bitter citrus tang. That's what I have been using for no better reason than it's handy at the grocery. So I went ahead and tasted a bit. Sure enough. Bitter citrus. At which point I ordered up some cellulose. Same thing as they use for papier mache. My adopted factory uses bermacoll. Smith says it's the ingredient in wallpaper paste. When I mix up the cellulose, it comes out just like wallpaper paste. Far as I know, that may be in bermacoll.

Was smoking a Nat Sherman and noticed citrus bitter and strong round the head, with what appears to be some sugar, to cut the bitterness. Makes for a grassy flavor on that connie wrapper.

Anyone else identify the taste of glue in their cigar heads?

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    especially before the light.
    when i moisten the cap before the cut i notice it on about 50% of my sticks.
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