Marysville tragedy...

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Praying for the families in Marysville, WA where a shooting just happened at a local high school. Three killed and several more injured, according to local reports.

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    It's always troubling to hear things like this.
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    My prayers and thoughts go out...

    ...and please no political stupidity...let the families grieve...
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    Freshman pulled out a 9 mm and shot friends. Or who he thought were his friends. I chose specific target. Not a gun freak. May have resulted from being jilted by his girlfriend. The recently broke up. Was a decent kid.
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    Prayers for the fallen.
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    Praying for the families in Marysville, WA where a shooting just happened at a local high school. Three killed and several more injured, according to local reports.

    One of the districts I work with pretty regularly and a very good friend of mine is the VP. And, if she hadn't enrolled in running start my niece would have been at the high school eating lunch when it happened. Pretty crazy day at work today.
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    this kind of thing sucks the big one. Just dealt with a school shooting a couple years ago with my old fire dept. (I'm retired now) back in Ohio, now today I had to make the rounds at work and talk to everyone who might possible have kids of high school age. We're only a handful of miles away from Marysville. I'm thanking my lucky stars that no one has kids at that school.
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    I lived very close to Marysville and shizz can happen anywhere at anytime-- unfortunately. I pray people recover but they won't forget cause these tragedies scar us all.
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    Prayers for all the families involved!

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    Terrible thing, such a loss for what appears to be a jealous motive. More may come out later but we used to settle these things with fist's and move on. The disregard for a human life, including his own, kind of baffles me.
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    Our prayers go out to all. Also, a classy move by a rival high school who was scheduled to play them for the league championship Friday night. They forfeited to give the chamipionship to Marysville.

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    Never easy to hear of something like this happening. Makes me scared for my boys future. Prayers going out.

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