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Actors ha! If they're actors, how come they can't act like their movie prop luggage has something besides air in it? Physical effort is built into the name. Luggage. From the word lug. (lug: VERB To carry or drag a heavy or bulky object with great effort.) But, there's no effort. It's distracting. 


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    Lol, that's a good observation, I don't get how in movies no one has to pay for a cab, it stops and they emiditly exit the cab.  Never understood that one.  Sorry to jack your thread.
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    Bad acting or bad directing?  
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    I love my pack and a good community (cigars/Vape)
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    True. Or, come to think of it, the prop guy could just take the initiative to add some bricks. Even he knows that packed luggage is heavy. 
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    Continuity is fun to watch too, cigars get bigger as they smoke them, drinks re-fill, shirts button and unbutton themselves.  Is it me or were there longer takes between cuts to get different camera angles before?  Seems to me the camera would move to a different angle, panning, zooming and even using objects as a frame to film through during that take, smoothly without stopping.  Now look what you've done to me Bob, lol.

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    Just re-watched Get Shorty. Chili Palmer pulls up to Martin Weir's house in the Cadillac of Minivans -- van pointing left. Comes out a few minutes later, Martin wants to take it for a spin, the van is pointing right. 

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    Many years ago (1965, I think) I had a chance to ask Director Norman Jewison about these types of inconsistencies and he told me it all had to do with the story-line of the movie. If the story was a strong, compelling one people wouldn't notice the glitches. If the story-line was weak, folks would pick out the inconsistencies due to boredom....   B)
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    The one that always gets me is 3 men and a baby. The scene where the boy is standing behind the curtain and the one with the shotgun give me chills. Don't know if the story behind it is true or not but it freaks me out. 
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    Cuts in camera angles that reveal little inconsistencies are the most common thing that distract me. Just watched a show last night and there was a quick cut from the left side of this actresses's face to her right. Her smile disappeared and she was looking down at a slightly different angle. I guess they didn't wan't me to notice because the focal point was supposed to be on the other actor when they edited in that cut. But, I can't help it. I noticed. 
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    ^ ^  But if her boobies were out you never would have noticed I bet.
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