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Cigar wife needs shopping advice.

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My husband quit smoking cigarettes  while deployed in Iraq 7 years ago.  Last year while on a mission in Romania he was introduced to the pairing of a cigar with his favorite scotch. 

I bought him a desktop humidor for Christmas and wanted to buy him a variety/sample of cigars, that he can't get locally (NW MT)  and higher quality (if needed... as this is out of my league). 

The bands he's kept of the ones he smoked are:
*Gurkha / Royal Challenge 
*Rocky Patel / Vintage 1999 Connecticut
*Imported / Ashton
*Natural / Drew Estate
*A Fuente / Gran Reserva 

He won't spend money for cigars so I would like to treat him with a sample pack similar to what he likes... And upgraded suggestions too if it's worth it.... I really don't know what I'm doing... That's why I'm here

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  • Wylaff said:
    As it seems as though he is fairly new to cigars, the Cigar of the Month club could be a good gift idea.


    Not only will he get a chance to try 5 new sticks a month, but he'll get a newsletter that tells him about those sticks, what type of tobacco they are, etc...

    I'm sure whatever you find he'll be more than happy with :)
    Let's say I ordered this today... Do you know when the first shipment will show up? 
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    It would usually be SmartPost. so early next week I would guess.
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    You can also call up the reps at cigar.com and talk to Andy D or another rep, tell them what he smokes and ask them to build something for you too. Just another thought though the cigar if the month club is a great idea too. 
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    “A forum fiver” is a loose term here :) tell your old man he’ll be in our thoughts. I’d go with just calling and talking with a rep. Tell them your situation and what he’s smoked. Ask what deals they can do. And be sure and tell your guy to pop in and say hello. 
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    I would get to seasoning that humidor for him as that will take a couple of weeks, easiest way is to get the seasoning kit from Boveda.
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