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    I'm sorry, but there is so much more than we know. We have had so many episodes where things disappear then show up days, weeks or even years later. I'm still waiting for a brand new carhardt shirt that disappeared 4 or 5 years ago to materialize. We just accept them for what are. We used to rent an old farmhouse where the landlords Mother died in the house. That's why we call her Granny. The landlord got really pissed at his niece for telling us that there was a ghost in the house. We used to come home and the back door would be unlocked and wide open. One of our dogs would be sleeping on the floor in the living room and would wake up and move his head as if he was following someone across the room then look up the steps to the second floor. We live in a ranch now and every once in a while we will catch a shape of someone entering or exiting a room. We actually invited her to come with us when we moved. She don't eat much and we feel protected.
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