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Tony Borhani

I have a sealed box of "Bahra Madura" dated 1993. It seems there's 20 of these in the box as follows: "20 Torpedos No2". Are these valuable, worth much?


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    ... need more information. Do you know how they were stored all these years? If not, then they aren't worth much.
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    How do they smoke?

    If they're Bahia Maduro, then they go for about $2.50 each, a budget cigar.
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    Nothing on google about them 
  • ForMudForMud Aka; Quickdraw, Clayton, DelawarePosts: 1,104 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Rhamlin said:
    Nothing on google about them 
    Bahra (Syriac: ܒܗܪܐ) is a political weekly newspaper issued by the Assyrian Democratic Movement.[1] The paper is printed in Baghdad and comes out in Arabic and Syriac languages. It was first published on 26 June 1982

    And they apparently make cigars too.
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    Thread title is Tony Borhani, so his name is probably on the box but what about that spelling? Bahia Maduro is sold in bundles, (not even sure if that is relevant at this point). Well,... that was a waste of time. 

    I will not waste any more time on this unless I see pics. 
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    If memory serves, always debatable, Borhani's Bahia cigars were a large part of the cigar boom in the early 90's, and were considered top of the line premiums at that time.  Then he got arrogant and pissed off somebody at Cigar Aficianado, I think, and never got a decent rating after that.  Today they are mostly considered so-so bundled cigars.  I've had some that were pretty good, to my plebian palate.

    To the OP, as has been mentioned history and pictures are decidedly a must if you want any credible answers to your question.  For all we know your Grandma put them in the attic after Grandpa passed, and they've spent 25 years alternating between 36 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 to 99% humidity levels.  Could just be a box of old tobacco dust.
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