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With regard to aging cigars...

I’ve read somewhere on this forum that aging a cigar for too long can be as bad or worse than not long enough. Back about the time I was just getting into cigars there was a company named Indian Tabac. I don’t know whether he founded this company or bought it from someone else but when I first was attracted to it, it was owned by Rocky Patel and his partner (not Nish). 

One of the blends that Indian Tabac offered was called, simply, Fire. I got to where I really liked that blend but about 2006 or 2007, good ol’ Rocky discontinued the blend and later changed the name of the company to Rocky Patel Cigars. For a while, Fire was still available on some retailer’s shelves but eventually that source, too, dried up. I bought up all I could find (not all that many) and then gave up. 

A few years later I thought I’d try again to see if maybe a forum brother or two might have any they’d sell or trade. In September of 2011 a brother said he had one and sent it to me. I don’t recall his name but I thanked him profusely. The stick was missing it’s cello but I put a sticker on the band showing the date I received it. I have no idea how long it might have In his humi but I decided to save it for a special occasion. 

Years passed and no occasion seemed special enough so I declared today a special day and smoked that puppy while I was still able to fog a mirror. The stick was a double corona. Here are a few photos:

Here’s what I learned - the pundits were right. You can definitely age a cigar too long. This one was an okay smoke but nowhere near as tasty as they had been with only a few months on them. There were no draw, burn, or construction issues with it but the best I can say about the whole experience is ‘meh’. 

So, now that I’ve bored the bejabbers out of you, you can go back to whatever you were doing that was probably more fun or interesting.  :p


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    That was interesting. Thanks
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    Let's eat GrandMa.

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    Probably a good thing that I'm more hedonist than collector.
    I'll gladly bomb you Tuesday for an Opus today.

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    Yakster said:
    Probably a good thing that I'm more hedonist than collector.
    I assume that means you smoke your cigars?! Me too! Lol
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    I'm not saying your experience w/ this stick isn't legit, Marty... but maybe your tastes and palate have changed.  Maybe what once registered as near-nirvana as a newer smoker now just rates as a 'meh'.

    In general I'd agree that you can over-age a cigar, even under ideal conditions.  But some cigars might be at their best with 10 years on them, or more, and how do we know how long is too long?  Smoke one out each box every 6 months, note the changes good or bad, and then if they're going downhill hurry up and smoke the rest before they fall off a cliff?

    Most of us will never have to deal w/ any of that, but it's still a good exercise to think about it.
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    Not disagreeing with you Marty, but that stick may have been going through second maturation wherein a lot of the flavor profile is dormant. Lots of cool and important scientific stuff going on at that point which changes the chemical profile. 

    Either way, sorry it wasn't as enjoyable as others had been. I know there are others here who won't agree, but that's my $0.02.  Surprised there wasn't any plume on that bad boy.
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    Enjoyed reading your story" I am sure picked up a few Pearls of wisdom @jlmarta
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    @jlmarta Uh.....clean your fingernails.
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