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Hey everyone. Its been awhile. I need some advice.

Aland1984Aland1984 Posts: 13
Hello everyone. I’ve used the forums a few times. I’ve actually had two IDs but was out of commission for awhile and had to create a new ID. I’ve made some cool trades and bombs. Id like to get back into the game and be more attentive it’s been awhile.

Here’s the issue I’m having now. I used to live in the Carolinas and I’m used to a humid environment. I have a 120 ct humi and I’ve tried it all man. Bead, gel, cigar oasis.... I had better luck in a humid environment, but now I’m in Northern Colorado and I’ve been using 70% beads for a few years now. I have a love/hate feeling for them. I have a lot of trouble with them keeping humidity. I know it’s dry here, but I’m adding [distilled] water to these things more often than I think I should. And I’m using a lot of beads. I have one large, two medium and two small tubes. I water them correctly and they dry up faster than I think they should. I see, after the humidor is closed long enough, 70% and within a week or two it gets in the low 60’s. My humidor is fine. No leaks from the lid. I’ve inspected it all around and it appears fine. I’m thinking about going back to boveda packs. Seems like less hassle and less pixie dust. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I’m being paranoid and this is normal.


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    Buy a cooler large enough to hold your humidor.  Put several bovida packs in the cooler, next to the humidor.
    I saw this very set up, yesterday. (Don't remember if there were bovida out side the humidor)

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    It'll be fine once the swelling goes down.

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    The bovidas are inside the humidor. 
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    When was the last time you reseasoned it?
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    Aland1984 said:
    I know it’s dry here,
    How dry? Is the room 15%RH. If you're fighting 15%RH then your troubles are normal. Even a well seasoned wood humi will un-season itself from the outside in if the room is dry. You should measure the RH in the room to see what you're up against. A room humidifier could help. I always say bovedas are best,  but I also always say forget the wood humis and go coolidor or tupperdor.  
  • Aland1984Aland1984 Posts: 13
    Sorry for the delayed response. The humor is in our closet which is part of the bathroom.  Very big but no door. I left my hygrometer in the room and it’s pretty dry. Right now in the mid 40’s so I guess having to attack the beads more often should be normal then. I have noticed the beginning of mold a couple times. Once under a tube of beads and a little on a few sticks but I can just dust it off. I’m thinking about going back to pg crystals or Boveda just to try something else. Most likely Boveda. I’d get a cooler or tupper but I don’t have that many sticks at the moment. I’m sure if I added a few it may help stabilization but I still have to fill the beads a lot when I have the Humi 75%+ filled
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