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Beetle pinholes but no other signs of damage

 Some of my oldest cigars have perfectly round pinholes in them which I have recently learned indicate beetles. However I can't find any other signs of damage at all. The cigars don't drop any dust out of them. The humidor doesn't have any dust in it. Should I be worried? I've thrown away the cigars with pinholes, they were really inexpensive cigars anyway, and I'm freezing the rest. Am I being overly paranoid?


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    Freeze them and then you know you’re good. Done.
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    Smoke em. They'll only crackle a little.
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    Wylaff said:
    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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    Borrow @danielzreyes' X-acto knife and open one of them up for a closer inspection.

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    0patience said:
    Smoke em. They'll only crackle a little.
    If you have ever in your life smoked a cigarette, you've smoked beetles. They're not gonna hurt you, just freeze what you have to keep them contained.
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    I would definitely do an autopsy. There is evidence in there. Even if there is nothing to see, that's evidence. Too bad you already tossed 'em.

    Pinholes are easy to poke into a cigar wrapper. It's not always bugs doing it. 

    Also, inspect all your remaining cigars before you go to the hassle of freezing. Usually beetles chew their way out of a cigar. If I saw no other evidence in any of your other sticks,.... I wouldn't bother freezing. I'd inspect more often in the next year or so but not freeze. (I've had experience with beetles and freezing.) 

    The worst thing for beetles is the heat. Keep your stash below 70 degrees. If you can't keep your stash below 70, consider a freezing regimen for all your cigars and all new purchases. Or, you could simply inspect your stash closely every week.  
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    Nothing like smoking bugs.  Yum.  I'd just toss me over my neighbors fence.
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