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Unbanded Cigar Contest: Shorties

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This is the fifth iteration of the blind/unbanded cigar contest. The rules are below but basically you are sending me 4 of the same cigars with** LENGTH LESS THAN 5 inches** (4 and 7/8 inches or less) and I will send you back 4 cigars unbanded. You rank the cigars/score the cigars. Highest scores get a forum fiver, and pride of the forum. Lowest scores get what's coming to them (just more cigars). Sign up for the contest starts today, ending November 23rd.

Submit 4 of the same cigars. The size of the cigars must be less than 5 inches. Wrapper and ring gauge can be whatever you would like to submit. Please keep the price of the cigars to UNDER 10 dollars each. Mail the submission to me, include either a return label or 8 dollars for me to return/ship you your unbanded cigars. I will not limit the number of people submitting as this hasn’t been a big issue in the past.

I will mail you 4 randomized cigars that will be labeled or marked by ribbon for you to judge. You must be on the good traders list. Do not submit flavored cigars ( no beef with those cigars, but it will influence other submissions)

We are using rank and scoring to judge the cigars.

Rank the cigars 1 through 4 (1 is the best) .

Score of is 10/10 points using the suggestions below

Scoring system:
10 points total
5 points for flavor
3 points for construction
2 points for any complexity/transition in flavors
You can use decimal system as well so you can have 4.5/5 for flavors, etc.

Here is an example of score:
Peter sent me a cigar: 5.5 x 50, flavor was great got a 4/5, construction was perfect (no burn issues, great smoke production) got a 3/3, and there were some complexity not super impressive and got a 1/2, total score of 8/10.

There are 4 other iterations of this contest for your review in older discussions... the major difference is that this particular contest has a size limitation.

Looking forward to the competition.

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