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Starcraft II



  • KriegKrieg Posts: 5,092 ✭✭✭
    I couldnt stand diablo, but star craft was tons of fun, my freinds and I played it at least 8 hours a day at my buddies house every day of the summer it was out. ive heard star craft is the same game play as the origional, just much better graphics and eye candy.
    you must be talking to people that wish they bought the game...cuz its more than better graphics now. Well, in the single player anyways...You can make choices in your journey. Either let the colonists fry by the hands of the protoss, or fight them and try to save the colonists...etc. It's an interesting story. And the way u unlock your upgrades etc...it's very different than brood war.
  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    I love SCII. It's old-school build-n-battle like it used to be. no girly command points here. i love this game!!
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