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    Look at you guys. You got your own system pegged out and everything. Das adorable.
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    Um... ok

    I found this all helpful
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    New here on the forum. Currently no smokes to trade, pass...but what's a bomb?
    The secret word is cigars! 
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    A bomb is a gift of sorts from a member to another member.
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    Thanks madurofan. This was very helpful. 

    Loved the Q & A. Lol
    Danny B
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    **** Hey guys!!  ****
    I need to unload some cigars to help out on some hard times.  Could use some help if you are interested in seeing my cigars for sales, please PM me. 

    I have about 75 cigars for sales. 
    Danny B
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    Bump for you newbs that dont click on categories 
    "I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form."
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    madurofan said:
    Alright in light of some recent events I felt this was needed.

    Cigar Bombs - An unsolicited gift of cigars (or cigar stuff) sent via the mail from a Sibling of the Leaf.
    Trade - Pretty self explanatory but it is where two BOTLs engage in a swap of cigars with details worked out beforehand.
    Pass - When a group of cigars are packaged up and sent to another BOTL with the intention that that BOTL will take a predetermined number of cigars out and replace them with cigars of equal value.
    PIF - Pay It Forward- A game where you agree to be someone's "mooch" and accept a package of cigars from them. After agreeing to be their mooch you then post asking who wants to be your mooch and you in turn send a package of cigars to this person.
    There are other games going on in the forum including the MAW, and Fun and Games. If you have any questions about the rules feel free to PM a senior member who will give you the rules and inside scoop.

    Some Guidelines:
    1. It's the thought that counts. Do not be offended at the contents or value of the contents in a package you receive.

    2. Games, PIFs or Bombing someone is not the way to get rid of your Swisher Sweets. Use the Golden Rule. Give unto others what you would hope they would give to you.

    3. Don't beg to be bombed. It's annoying and look what it got Saddam.

    4. Acknowledge when you receive a package. The sender loves to see that happy reaction. Be aware that some people may wish that their package's contents remain classified. Ask before posting any details if you think the person may want the contents kept under-wraps.

    5. Been Bombed? Return fire? That is up to you. A Bomb is given freely without the expectation of reward. But do you really want to let them get away hitting you?

    6. Send a note. Go ahead and write a little note to the target. Let them know what you are sending them and why you like it.

    7. Do not covet your neighbors package. At some point someone else will get cigars from a person who has sent to you. Don't compare. It is silly to feel cheated or jaded because someone else received a package that you would have preferred.

    8. Don't use the N-word (Newbie) to describe people who have just started smoking cigars. We were all there at one point. If you are a member of cigar.com you are a Sibling of the Leaf no matter what your experience level.

    9. Send what you can. When participating in a game or when bombing someone send what you can. Be aware of rules, i.e. 3 cigar minimum for the PIF, but feel free to send more. However, don't feel guilty if you can only send 3. Everyone else knows the rules and shouldn't be expecting more than the minimum.

    10. Pass Participation. If you agree to participate, follow through! Do not agree to participate in a pass and then when it gets to you bail out for any reason. If you don't like the cigars in the pass, buck up princess, thats how it goes sometimes, find the ones you hate the least or that you could give to someoneone you know will like them. If the cigars are too high end for you collection check with the other members of the pass to see how to go about this. It may have been that someone was trying to be generous and it will be ok if you do the best you can to match. However, pay attention to the value of a pass before you agree to be involved.

    Q and A:

    Q: I begged to be bombed. Does everyone hate me?

    A: No, I don't think so. But to be sure bomb someone quick!

    Q: I got a cigar in a package that I know I don't like. What do I do?

    A: Keep that knowledge to yourself. You can try and smoke the cigar and see if you still don't like it or you can keep it handy in your humi to give to another Sibling of the Leaf who may like it.

    Q: I've just started smoking cigars but I want to get in on the games. My Humi selection is kinda lame. What should I do?

    A: First of all don't worry. If its a bomb you can return fire now, later or not at all. Remember that Golden Rule? If you like the cigars in your humi, play with those. Send a note saying why you like them. You might be surprised to learn that others may never have tried a cigar in your collection. You can also go to your local B&M and get a few sticks you know the target would like.

    Q: I sent a package someone but I forgot to leave a note. What will I do?

    A: Relax, you can always send the note when the target has posted their acknowledgment.

    Q: I want to bomb XXXXX. But I don't know their address, how can I get it?

    A: Ask others who seem to know the target, they may know and keep the secret. If worse comes to worse, just ask the target. It wont be a surprise, but they should still be happy.

    Q: Hey! How come they got an Opus X and all I got was Henry Clay?

    A: Calm down there buddy. Someone thought of you and sent you some cigars. Be gracious.

    Q: Who made you the Etiquette person on Cigar.com?

    A: No one. I just like to spell Etiquette.

    Q: I have a rash on my ...

    A: Whoa! No! Don't tell me, I'm not an MD. Go to a Doctor.

    I'll add the other Guidelines you may have.
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