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I thought I'd take a stab at reviewing cigars... as mentioned before I did get into cigars a little under two years ago but that lasted about a month. So now that I'm back I'm getting into the game and making sure that I do things right. I keep a catalog of all that I've smoked and the reviews start out a little basic and elementary (some of the reviews were just from the ones that I really loved to smoke two years ago) but then I get into really reviewing what's going on and what I've come to realize.

I don't have a refined pallate yet, and it's frustrating but I've come to accept if I like the cigar or not and if I'd buy more. My ratings are varied from a 10 point scale to a 100 point scale and the numbers usually are just what I pull out of my ass after I'm done writing the review... no real breakdown of construction and such.

So enjoy and hopefully I've smoked some things you guys haven't gotten!!! :)



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    These first ones are ones that I really couldn't remember or that I didn't take the time to write down, I'll lump allot of them together here... when it gets more detailed is when I'll give each cigar it's own space.

    Java - Java
    Awesome smoke, lovely chocolate wrapper, smooth finish, maduro wrapper, little too sweet after awhile (8) ALSO this is the OLD Java (from two years ago) not the one they have out now

    Acid - Blue
    Lighter wrapper, very sweet outside, big aftertaste, nice flavored (4)

    AVO - 18
    Lighter wrapper, but smooth, remember to be expensive, but overall good (6)

    The Edge - Maduro
    No wrapper, no marking, but very good cigar for $6, I’ve gone back and bought (9) AAHHHHH... This was a great find and as I am now finding out this was his first line of it (the one without the band on the tip)

    Bock Y CA Nicaragua
    Started smooth, good taste in the fact there was not much but good draw, smooth, liked it, got to about 1.5 inches and finished stayed lit well (7) This one came in a $25 sampler pack and it's grat to find out about this sampler (some are cheaper some were good sticks)

    CAO Mx2
    Super flavorful and very nice smoke. A little too spicy at some points and burned uneven, yet I lit with matches so prolly my bad (5)Smoked this one right out of the Humidor from my Local B&M

    Small and light colored, kind of okay smoke, not much flavor HUGE aftertaste though, burned okay (Reclaimed - 3)
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    Monte Cristo White
    Big Connecticut Wrapper torpedo size, Smoked with the girlfriend on the porch, GREAT FLAVOR, Uneven burn and it exploded during the second third. Blistering a lot but good flavor (Reclaimed – 8)This is two year old, I still wanted to smoke it even though I let it go dry

    Rocky Patel Edge – Medium Wrapper (Manilla wrapper)
    Had this on a long drive home after a **** day at work. 1st true cigar that I have enjoyed, tasted flavors and actually was excited to smoke!!! I blew threw it quite a few times which helped and took it slow. AWESOME! (Straight from Shop – 9)Only smoked half though for it was hotter that Sh*t out and I couldn't stand to be outside anymore... but truly this guy danced on my tongue and I tasted more that just "smoke that tasted good"

    Rocky Patel – Vintage 1999 Connecticut
    Good start, like the perfecto shape, short 45 minute cigar. Smoked it while taking a drive around HWY 100 but it went out on me. Kinda harsh and not the best smoke (Reclaimed – 4)

    CAO Flavours – Exotic Fruit and Bourbon Vanilla
    Nice little smoke, bought for girlfriend for her Birthday and gave it to her early for I didn’t want them to dry out. Nice flavoured smoke and the aroma was awesome, not much aftertaste and overall nice relaxing short cigarillo (8)If I EVER want a quick little smoke these things are awesome, I'm not a big fan of flavored cigars but a short 20min. burst is okay!

    Flor De Oliva – Maduro
    Hmmm… Nice little smoke, not much flavor, smoke was almost just smoke, no flavors. Lasted for 1:25 and ended a little hot (2”) but not bad smoke. HUGE aftertaste afterwards, but I did go to bed right away, so that may be it (7 just because it retails for $2.50 a stick!)This one was one from the Mulit-Pack... cheap little guy but I may buy in bulk and give them some rest

    Pinar – Maduro Torpedo (Brett Favre’s Favorite Cigar)
    Didn’t like to burn evenly and holy cow did it get MOIST and damp. Super squishy cigar and wouldn’t have any kind of draw. Smoked it outside with girlfriend's brother-in-law for his son's Baptism. Okay full-flavored but super squishy. (6)This was the best thing I can describe as a Dog-Rocket. It basically melted in the wrapper and almost put itself out every puff *blech* Good things I got it free from a Pinar event
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    Cusano Corojo 1997 Churchill
    1st cigar after my humidor settled in at a calm 65-67 Rh and burnt WELL (was rested for almost 4 weeks. 2” ash or more, even burn with two minor corrects for me being impatient. Nice flavor, medium to mild bodied but not too hot of a smoke. Lasted TWO hours and loved every minute of it. DID have two major relights, but I believe that was due to the long ash I was trying to create. Great smoke and nice relaxer if you aren’t into anything complex. First cigar that I nubbed and that was a great feeling. Overall, Construction was great and no flaws in the ‘gar whatsoever, calming and smooth cigar, nothing special but one of the best Medium/mild cigars that I have had in terms of flavor and construction (85) Also this was my first Churchill... Good thing I had the time, but the girlfriend had finished her cigar LONG before me, she was getting impatient
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    Drew Estates Chateau Real – Maduro
    Started out VERY spicy and hit the tongue with a peppery blend. Constant smoke from this cigar from the foot, yet the draw was a little tight and not much smoke from a long draw. Middle of the cigar was the best and mellowed a little and the flavor took off. Hints of a Coffee/Chocolate hit the tongue and were real flavorful. Flaws in construction in the fact that the cap unraveled OFF after a clean cut with a double guillotine. Also the cigar had a lot of burn issues (probably from not resting more that 4 days) and three corrective lights needed during the cigar. Last third of the cigar was more heated and burned a little. Tried to let it rest but the heat and the resting ultimately put this one out. Overall nice rolling of the ‘gar, but the head unraveling and the ample amount of short leaf filler make this one that is nothing more that average. Overall, Construction was sub-par, smoke was nice (peppery and chocolate-y?), and the burn issues ultimately made it hot and then I put it down. Good flavor but needs resting (82) Good thing this one was also free from the Drew Estates event during my B&M's 10th anniversary.
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    Rocky Patel Edge
    Smoked this one as Baby Gurl mowed the sister’s lawn, was good, flavorful couple retouches and I think this one had about three weeks of resting, not much but pretty damn good! Yes... I smoked a cigar while the Girlfriend mowed the lawn... we have a deal though, I shovel, she Mow's... good thing she likes mowing the lawn!
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    Camacho Maduro (Top 25)
    Spicy smoke! Very flavorful and this one also had a three and a half week resting. Burned a little too hot and didn’t finish it all the way through, but nice relaxing smoke on the porch with the girlfriend! (82)

    Rocky Patel – Vengeance (local from Chicago distributor)
    Awesome! Chocolate draw before lit and mostly REALLY spicy! This had about three weeks resting and although very tasty not very good in the burn portion. Many relights, but when it was light this guy took off with spice and chocolate and was a good smooth draw, with some points not outputting enough smoke, but with some age would do VERY well! (89) This one was in the Sampler pack and the great thing is that it is a LOCAL cigar!!! Made for a chicago distributor by Rocky Patel ONLY for that distributor! So kinda made this cigar a little more enjoyable knowing that it was a local guy, but it also was darn tasty!
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    Perdomo – Habano Corojo
    Bought this one to go fishing! Straight from the humidor in the shop to the lake. Great taste of corojo (like the cusano 97) but HOLY RELIGHT!!! With TWO lighters we (Myself and two friends) still ran out of butane! HUGE ring gauge and not bad for the money (only 7.10) (75)
    This thing is HUGE! If I wasn't so comfortable with myself I would've thouht twice about buying/smoking this thing. Good thing I was fishing with it, ya know, to kinda MAN the place up a bit.

    Roxor Deluxe (Big Green X)
    Nice bland smoke, burned very well and when it canoed it recoreccted itself. LOTS of smoke and long lasting cigar (watchin fireworks in Menomonee falls) Had to put out before the end for we were driving back to the girlfirend's mom's house. Bland with good taste though and good construction (80) This one was a nice relaxing smoke too! But this was the one that I smoked on the fourth of July. This is also the one where the Ace-Hole commented on the smoke as he moved away from me... I was sitting on the curb farthest back as I could go, no apologies
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    hey lasabar .. Nice reviews Thanks for taking the time and letting us in on some familiar as well as obscure cigars.. There are a few names I'm going to have to check out, who knows they may be come a new favorite..
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    Illusione – 2
    Awesome looking cigar. Very flavorful and a little spice, smoked with a buddy during fourth of july fireworks so not much attention paid to the flavor or a review but can see why it was considered top 25. Not the CG:4 but am looking forward to finding that little guy somewhere and hopefully soon! Poor construction, had some flakes and such in the wrapper, good flavor and cool-looking with the band on. All in all a blind guess would be 80 Nice cigar and good burn even though it was only about 2 weeks old in my humidor so not much resting. Will look forward to more Illusione's
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    Rocky Patel Edge Corojo Torpedo – Gold Band
    Fine looking cigar with one flaw, the cap I cut off immediately started to unravel after one puff. Maybe from me cutting too deep, but maybe not, some hardcore spit and repair with my thumb hopefully saved this cigar. Immediate spice to this cigar and full bodied aroma. Lots of smoke with each puff and a stinging on the tongue. All the way through nothing but spice, medium to full bodied. Very strong cigar and not much in the way of flavors, just pure spice. Awesome burn, no relights, super wrapper stayed lit the whole time and burn evenly and no tunneling, no canoeing. The wrapper unraveling proved to be not bad at all, the spit held it down. Spice was always present yet not overwhelming. I brought this guy down to the nub (about 1.5” left and that’s it) Still a great smoke, yet slowly becoming less of a favorite. Not because it’s a bad cigar, but because there are other flavors that I am finding I enjoy more. Overall okay construction with minor unraveling, nothing but spice and couldn’t discern other flavors at all but consistent, great burn and nothing else but still a love of mine (82)

    p.s. anyone else know why the bands on the Edge have changed from a Minilla wrapper with gold text to a soft gold-ish wrapper with gold text? My B&M has them all mixed in together. My only guess is maybe the differentiate the type of box (Kinda like Ashton's "Cabinet" maybe?)
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    La Aurora 1495 Series – Brazil (straight from the B&M)
    This one was a disaster for me. I had not many beers in me up north at the girlfriends Parents’ cabin and the thing would NOT give me any help or justice. Super tough draw at first which I then maybe likened to not a rough draw just not allot of smoke. I tried to suck the living brains out of it to get some smoke out of it that was sufficient for me. But to no avail, and all the sucking preceded a HOT and bad tasting smoke. Once I gave up and let it cool a little bit then I realized the flavors were there and were okay. Nothing popped out at me for I couldn’t differentiate from the ash in my mouth but then I had to go pee and just tossed it in the bonfire. Overall the construction was poor for it had flakes and such on both I’ve purchased, the cigar drew like a piece of crap and that ruined the whole smoke, the only saving grace is that I pad only $8 for it instead of $20 for a preferido. (75, maybe more if the draw was better, but that only the one left in my humi will tell)
    I was super disappointed and hopefully this will not deter me from getting a Sapphire Prefirido... MAN I want one of those hanging out my mouth!
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    Illusione – 2
    Awesome looking cigar. Very flavorful and a little spice, smoked with a buddy during fourth of july fireworks so not much attention paid to the flavor or a review but can see why it was considered top 25. Not the CG:4 but am looking forward to finding that little guy somewhere and hopefully soon! Poor construction, had some flakes and such in the wrapper, good flavor and cool-looking with the band on. All in all a blind guess would be 80 Nice cigar and good burn even though it was only about 2 weeks old in my humidor so not much resting. Will look forward to more Illusione's
    You got lucky on the burn issue because I've had several Illusiones cg:4 88 888 4/2 g and every one had a burn issue... They all had nicks, chips, and wrapper damage too due to the fact they are " naked ". a perfect reason to cover your cigars, no damage to them.. I found these are better fresh than slightly aged..seems strange but true..
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    Rocky Patel Edge – Maduro
    Little more sweet than the rest of the clan, sitting by the lake with this guy, enjoying the windy-ass lake. The wind put a damper, and the fact that the girlfriend's dad had me help him with the pier right then and there led to me ruining this cigar LONG before it’s time. I had lake water all over it, had to hold it in my mouth to pull up the stanchions for the pier and then drooled all over it putting it out. So although I did lick my lips once and tasted a hint of sweetness and had high hopes for this cigar and would have thoroughly enjoyed it if not for the dad, but it was an edge and it did not disappoint. Overall construction was smooth and oily and looked awesome with the dark maduro wrapper, the smoke was spicy and the wrapper with a hint of sugar, the wind, drool and the dad put it out to give it a fair shot but oh well, it was a good 24 hours up north (85)
    This was my first of the NEW maduro's (besides the one I had two years ago) and I think the sweetness was just what I needed but the Dad ruined it.

    P.s. The dad will no longer be getting cigars from me. I've known this man and have been dating the girlfriend for less than a year and for Father's Day I got him a Box of Mini-Ashton's for when he's driving limo, a RP Edge Corojo, CAO America, R&J 1875 (tubo) and when he decided to smoke the RP Edge he chomped all over the cigar, puffed on it like it was his job, and then cut the lit end off and scolded ME when I said that he should just throw it out if he can't finish it, the oils will be all messed up when he tries to re-light... OH WELL... At least I'm on his good side!
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    Punch – Double Corona
    LONG cigar… Cut was perfect and draw started a little tight but opened after a few puffs. Initial taste was very full-flavored with strong spice that dissappated quick and an overall pleasant smoke came after about 1cm. Smooth flavor all the way through the middle and a little spice picks up and hints on the aftertaste. All the way through the middle though it’s just a great smooth smoke. Paired with Newcastle Brown Ale and reading the forums, this cigar is mild and mellow and creamy tastes abound on the aftertaste after the smooth milky smoke comes through. The smoke is not as rich or thick as I’d like, but the flavor sure is there towards the middle. Great finish and burned perfectly throughout. Lots of spice at the end but overall great smoke for $6. Construction was excellent, the over a month of resting was great and deserving of a top 25.

    The best thing about this one is that aside from the Sampler pack I bought and the 6-er of Edges I bought I've done my cigar smoking in one way.
    1. Buy TWO of the Premiums I want to try (Two so I can contrast how TIME affects the cigar by buying doubles at the same time)
    2. Smoking the cheap crap and RP Edges while my Humi fills up.

    Now this cigar has over a month of resting and is the FIRST premium I smoked that I bought TWO of. So this was a big night for it was hard to smoke this guy, even NOW as I contemplate what to smoke I don't want to have just ONE cigar leftover so I almost want to go buy more right NOW!
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    Smoked this one on 7-16-08

    Oliva Serie V – Figurado
    This one has been sitting for about 1.5 months as well and the first light of just the little end is ENORMOUSLY smooth… I was super excited to see what this cigar would do. After the wrapper was put out and the cigar extinguished itself (I lit ONLY the little part) I relit. I was then PUNCHED in the face with spice and flavor. The creamyness in the first part left and a smooth woody taste came into play. I paired this with St. Pauli Girl beer on a cool night after a thunderstorm. It is full-bodied but not overpowering. I just like to let the smoke out of my mouth and just roll my tongue around to see what flavors I can pick up. I don’t know exactly what flavor is present but woody or leather come to mind. I have been excited for this smoke for it’s my first Figurado and I want to see how it changed from the fat part to the thinning part near the lips. One inch in a hot and peppery spice hit the tongue but it’s followed by a smooth and creamy aftertaste. The lager really takes the edge off too and is a good pairing. It just rained out so the lighting is an issue (humidity), it burns okay but I have had to relight it twice already. First ash is about 1.5” in and was disappointing. Half fell off, the other half I knocked off. When looking at the orange center you can see where the long filler was wrapped and where it is. For lack of a better term the tobacco seemed loose and the ash was uneven, almost like the cigar wasn’t rolled tight. This may cause trouble. I only got to the last third of this cigar for it went out. The first two thirds lasted over an hour and the taste was excellent. I switched to Smithwick’s beer to offset the full-bodied smoke. Overall the wrapper was oily and rich, the construction was perfect and felt great in my hands. The full-bodiedness was there and there was allot of spice but it was accompanied with a creamy aftertaste The only downfall was the burn issues. I know why they call it the “Serie V” for there was a constant V shape in the wrapper from the burn issues. All in all it tasted great but burnt like crap, especially for something with over a month of rest in my humi. I’d give this guy a 80 though, and we’ll see if more time will make this guy give the burn issues the boot.
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    Thanks for the reviews, Nate. Lots of smokes here that I haven't tried.
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    hmmm... burn issues are hard to determine the cause of. the problem you seem to have had is called canoeing; and though you said the construction was great on this cigar, canoeing suggests otherwise. It could be possible that there was a draft that only hit one side of your cigar, but the most likely cause of canoeing is poor rolling. it the filler is not bunched correctly and is more dense on one side then the other, the side with loose filler will burn quickly, producing a large v shaped burn down the side of the cigar.
    another cause of canoeing could be that one side of the cigar is over humidified on one side. im not sure,however, that that it would be as drastic as you described.

    but how do you fix it? get better rollers? More time in the humidor?
    most often i choose to do a corrective light. this is a temporary fix. if you have not burned throught the tight vs. loose spot then it will continue to canoe. another way to fix is to cut the cigar just past the burn issue and relight. im not saying that either of these will work or make it 100% better. but they are thoughts.
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    Padron 3000– 50 Days of resting – Bought at B&M

    Prelight - Barnyard! Just a self-describe rustic smell of the mud and hay at the state fair. This is the first I’ve smelt of it and although surprised it wasn’t that bad.
    Light -This one I lit with the cap still on and I roasted it as usual with my single butane lighter. Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate so I may have held the lighter a little too close to lit it. But after I cut the tip, blew through it and took the first draw it came across a little harsh, but not too bad
    The Pairing – Water from the tap, poured in an overpriced FIJI bottle and then chilled in my fridge… MMMMM
    The first 1/3 – Ash is strong and good, burns very well and even and the taste is that of a good deal of spice and almost that of a rich DARK chocolate. I say that for Chocolate came to mind, but more earthy and dirty as if a SUPER dark-chocolate and the fact I’m not a fan of dark chocolate. Not that I don’t like this cigar, it is pretty tasty. About an inch in comes the barnyard back. Subtle with a tinge in the aftertaste too. I guess it fits being outside in 75 degree weather and this is one of the FEW cigars I smoke when the sun is out, so the barnyard is welcomed. IF I had been smoking maybe at night and with a drink or beer, then I would not like it. Overall with the first third is I feel like I should be bailing hay, or inseminating a cow right now.
    Second third - The ash is strong and beautiful and has the cool little white specks all through it. The barnyard is getting more and more prevalent and taking over. I’ve come to embrace it and the more time in-between puffs, the more the flavor of hay and mud (I guess?) come to life and truly taste terrific. The spice is evident in the second third but it has become all about flavor. I am taking my time with this one though… making sure that I don’t let it get too hot. All the while this cigar is burning perfectly.
    Last third – this is where the barnyard takes a backseat and just a good flavor I can’t put my finger on comes in. Maybe it’s earthy… or the hay has gone away and the mud has taken over. It’s not bad, but not that potent. It’s starting to get a little hot so the puffs in-between are stretched out. I have 2 inches till the band and I know I’m in for a fight. Here comes the spice! Each puff now has me reeling from spice and then the mud is the aftertaste. This one is a tough nut to crack for I don’t want to put it down, but it’s the smoky version of going a round with Mike Tyson. You know your ass is getting whupped, but hey, this thing is good!
    Overall – The Barnyard was what was the main theme due to the pre-light smell. There was earthyness and all around a good flavor, the smoke was very abundant and the draw was a tad loose but okay. The ash would’ve hung on all day, but I knocked it at 1.5” each time. The construction was the downfall for it was not a pretty cigar and the last third started to unravel with the whole wrapper leaf just flapping around. The power was present and the flavors changed and were well defined. All-in-all this would get a 88
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    the fact I’m not a fan of dark chocolate. Not that I don’t like this cigar, it is pretty tasty.
    I dont like coffee flavor in general. when its in a cigar i kinda like it. i totally understand
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    I should be bailing hay, or inseminating a cow right now.
    Wrong forum, dude.. **** is down the hall.
  • dutyjedutyje Posts: 2,263
    That was a very well done review, lazy. You did a great job describing the entire experience. What was the size/shape of this cigar?
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    duty, with padron, that number, 3000 in this case, is the vitola.
  • dutyjedutyje Posts: 2,263
    Well, there you have it... The last time I smoked a Padron was probably 5 years ago, and back then I didn't pay any attention to the names of the sizes... I just bought whatever I thought I wanted to smoke that night, or whatever the guy in the shop recommended. Even now, when the shape names get away from the standard/common names, I get totally lost. This obviously only affects me when I shop on-line.
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    Dude its so confusing every line has its own terminology usually I just refer to them as the standards figurado, robusto, etc.
  • dep691dep691 Posts: 311

    The padron line of cigars are rapidly becoming one of my favorites. I have to say the natural is better in my opinion than the maduro though. Now I can't believe the price on the 80 anny cigar, that is high and just for 8 of them. Although from what I understand and I may be wrong only two people roll those cigars the maduro and the natual.

  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    Dude its so confusing every line has its own terminology usually I just refer to them as the standards figurado, robusto, etc.
    me too. i go by the "generic" names. i cant/wont keep up with every brand at all times.
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    Dude its so confusing every line has its own terminology usually I just refer to them as the standards figurado, robusto, etc.
    me too. i go by the "generic" names. i cant/wont keep up with every brand at all times.
    Again we agree, I refuse to do so.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    i keep tellin you, we agree on a bunch of things. its just not as fun to post about things we agree on.
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    Yea the the thread fizzles when we agree, or we get called the same person or some garbage. BTW I meant I refuse to learn all the terms not I refuse to agree with you.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    no you didnt.

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