Do you vape?

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    I'd have to quit my job and start working in a Starbucks, grow a hipster beard,  figure out how to tie a "man" bun  and buy a Prius.    So, no, I do not nor shall I.     
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    Wow!  I don't, but that description doesn't come anywhere close to fitting some folks I know who do vape.  Although one had long enough hair for a man bun at one time...:)
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    Almost all the tower climbers I worked with about three years ago that we used to work on the antennas vaped. They really don't fit that description.

    A few lucky people can smoke cigars on the job, some of those that can't, vape.
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    When they first came out I vaped a bit. I couldn’t do the ones with nicotine (throat wouldn’t let it through) so it was just interesting flavors. It got old pretty quickly and I gave my pens and reservoirs to a pot head neighbor to play with.
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    I Vaped for about a year. I did it as a way to stop smoking. I used nicotine and I lowered it every couple of weeks until I got to the lowest level. I eventually started smoking again and have since quit again with the help of nicorette gum.

    More recently I started vaping thc cause it sure was convenient. I eventually stopped that too when I read about the people getting sick.

    The truth is it'll be a few years until we can know what the long term effects are.
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    No, every bit as addicting as cigarettes, and quite possibly more harmful.  
    And a big AMEN to that. My answer to the question ‘do you vape’ is Not just no, but hell no... 🤨
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